Helping Your Senior Loved One Feel Included During the Holidays

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How to Help Your Senior Loved One Feel Included During the Holidays

Families everywhere are already feeling the joy and cheer of the holiday season approaching, and they’re starting to plan all the parties and gatherings! But this season, don’t forget to help your senior in senior care to feel included in the festivities. The holidays can sometimes cause feelings of isolation in seniors, but you can take special measures to help your senior loved one feel involved and loved. Start by reading through our tips below! Happy holidays!

Remember the Past Traditions

Never underestimate the power of reminiscing about the good old days. Get together a few other family members this season to share memories of holidays past with your senior. Bring them old family photos, home videos, or holiday keepsakes and let the memories and stories flow! Reminiscing is a powerful way to help your senior rid themselves of any feelings of loneliness or depression during the holidays.

Create New Holiday Traditions

For your senior in senior care, it may be time to create some new holiday traditions that work well for their lifestyle! Read below for a couple of examples.

Go to them. For your senior who lives in an assisted living facility or has trouble leaving their home, try planning a family gets together that brings the holidays and family to them instead. These little gatherings will work wonders for your senior’s mood during the season!

Plan easier activities. If your senior has difficulty completing any meticulous or physically demanding holiday activities, get started on planning some simper traditions. Perhaps baking cookies or creating holiday crafts!

Virtual Holiday Inclusivity 

If your senior in senior care lives further away from the family, don’t let it dampen your holiday creativity! You can still help them feel included in this year’s celebrations. 

At the big family event, you can set up a video booth of Livestream for your senior to virtually sit in on the whole event! Family members will even be able to chat with your seniors throughout the night. Another idea is to plan a post-event party at your senior’s place and recreate the event’s atmosphere! You can do this by showing videos and photos from the event and inviting other family members to the occasion, too.

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