Safe Recovery at Home with High-Quality Arlington Stroke Care

For the families of stroke survivors, one of the biggest challenges is making sure their loved one receives the highest-quality care during recovery. While some strokes are mild and recovery is relatively smooth, others are especially severe, and survivors of these types of strokes often need a caregiver with experience and knowledge that go beyond what family members typically possess.

Your loved one can recover safely and comfortably at home with assistance from one of the highly trained, experienced stroke caregivers from Home Care Assistance of Arlington, TX. Our stroke caregivers have the specialized expertise necessary to provide the highest quality of care for your loved one with dignity and respect.

Our Compassionate, Experienced Stroke Caregivers Take a Holistic Approach

We understand that optimal wellbeing involves taking care of every aspect of our clients’ lives—physical, mental, and emotional. Some stroke survivors experience feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and depression during their recovery, and that’s why Arlington Home Care Assistance’s compassionate, highly trained caregivers use our integrated approach to home care that focuses on the whole person.

We train all our stroke caregivers in our revolutionary Balanced Care Method, a holistic system that promotes overall wellbeing through physical activity, social engagement, companionship, mental stimulation, and constant encouragement, helping stroke survivors gain self-esteem and confidence as they recover.

Home Care Assistance caregivers use the Balanced Care Method to:

  • Provide compassionate, nonstop encouragement – The constant expressions of support and encouragement our caregivers offer can alleviate the depression, anger, and frustration many stroke survivors experience.
  • Promote independence while helping with everyday tasks – Our caregivers assist with daily tasks such as preparing meals, dressing, and bathing, all while treating seniors with respect and dignity and encouraging their sense of
  • Assist with physical therapy – If your loved one needs to relearn physical skills, our caregivers coordinate with his or her medical team to make sure instructions are followed properly to ensure therapy is performed safely.
  • Provide companionship and social stimulation – We carefully match our caregivers and clients according to shared personality traits and mutual interests. Our caregivers and clients often develop genuine long-lasting friendships.

Reach Out to Learn More About Our Commitment to Quality

A stroke can cause enormous upheaval in the lives of both stroke survivors and their families. Arlington Home Care Assistance is here to make sure you don’t have to face the challenge alone. Whether your loved one needs assistance a few hours a day or 24/7 constant care, we can help. Reach out to us for the high-quality, compassionate professional care your loved one deserves. Call one of our Care Managers today at (817) 591-1580 to discover how our caregiving services can boost quality of life for your loved one.