Cognitive Therapeutics Method™

Memory-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia impact the mental acuity of the patient and hampers their ability to lead a normal life. Although general cognitive stimulation activities and Cognitive intervention program can provide short-term improvements; for sustainable results, the experts at Arlington Home Care Assistance have developed a revolutionary Cognitive Therapeutics Method™. Specially designed to improve the mental acuity and the overall quality of life of patients, our Cognitive Therapeutics Method comprises various cognitive stimulation activities and games that help improve the patient’s ability to focus, reduce the rate of decline through continuous Cognitive decline assessment, and prevent new forms of cognitive decline.

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What is Cognitive Therapeutics Method™?

Based on the findings of studies conducted by National Institutes of Health, our Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ comprises 20 cognitive stimulation activities aimed at improving the patient’s:

  • Reasoning, judgment, problem-solving skills
  • Attention span and thought flexibility
  • Ability to execute verbal functions
  • Ability to identify words, sentences, and phrases
  • Ability to perceive the physical location of objects and the relationships between them
  • Ability to focus on, retain, understand, and recollect information

Hire a Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ Expert

Why go for just any home caregiver when you can hire a caregiver who is trained to administer a research-backed cognitive intervention program? The care needs of those dealing with a memory-related condition can go beyond everyday tasks, extending to ensuring they have an engaging and fulfilling life. All of our caregivers receive extensive sensitivity training that sensitizes them towards the special needs of patients, allowing us to cover every aspect of cognitive care management. If you or a loved one has been dealing with a cognitive disorder, our experts can provide comprehensive cognitive intervention program customized to your specific needs.

Let us Discuss Your Requirements

Our expert caregivers, trained in our revolutionary Cognitive Therapeutics Method™, are available around the clock and even at short notice, if needed. To learn more about our Cognitive Therapeutic Method™, Intervention Program, Decline Assessment or any other senior care practices, fill out our contact form or just call (817) 591-1580.