Home Care Options for Seniors with Disabilities

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Options For Seniors and Home Care With Disabilities

Do you have a senior between the ages of 65 – 74? 25% of seniors this age live with a disability, bringing a whole new set of challenges to the aging process. But at Home Care Assistance, we want to make sure you know about home care options that can bring solutions designed to help your senior living with a disability.

First, we can start by learning about the different types of disabilities seniors live with to help you identify which home care options may be best for them.

Types of Disabilities

Physical: A majority of seniors with disabilities suffer from a physical disability resulting in mobility limitations.

Sensory: Sensory disabilities can alter seniors’ senses, like hearing loss or blindness.

Intellectual: Communications, learning, and retaining information can all be affected due to intellectual disabilities.

Mental: Mental disabilities can affect seniors’ behaviors, emotional state, and overall thinking.

Home Care Options

Next, learn about the various home care services that might be best for disabled seniors. We break senior’s needs down into two different categories: basic and advanced.

Basic Needs. Assistance with basic needs involves help with tasks such as cleaning the house, meal preparation, getting groceries, transportation to doctor’s appointments, or medication reminders.

Advanced Needs. Services designed around advanced needs include specialized programs for Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke aftercare, hospice services, or recovery after a hospital stay.

Depending on what needs your senior has, Home Care Assistance is ready to help by developing their customized home care plan that works with the whole family. Home care options for both basic and advanced needs are offered on an hourly basis or around-the-clock.

If you are considering enrolling your disabled senior into home care services, we would love to help you create a personalized care plan! Call Home Care Assistance today for your consultation.


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